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Over 150 games.

All free to play.

We currently have over 150 games dotted around in the shop, entirely free for you and your friends to enjoy over a drink. The majority of our games fall under the below categories; party games, light strategy games, dice games, card games and deck building games that will take you anything from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours to enjoy.

For our more serious gamers we have a limited number of  deep strategy games for longer gaming sessions as well as some hidden gems that you can ask to play upon request. We believe that Playground is much more than your standard board game cafe and that is why even though we opened back in 2014, well before any other coffee shop/bar in Bristol introduced gaming as part of its offering, we never branded ourselves as a "gaming" place.

Our current favourites


Phase 10
Simple & straightforward card game for groups who want to play something easy going whilst chatting about life.


Settlers of Catan
Classic strategy game that can be played by 4 people in less than an hour or much longer if you prefer!


Pucket by ET Games
He didn't get funded on Dragons Den but whoever invested in the end must have done well because this is a truly excellent game. Screaming at your opponent is allowed.


Test how accurately your compadres can place historical events in relation to each other. Or more likely embarrass yourself at how many you get wrong...


Stack the Fish
Like Jenga but fish shaped.
What could go wrong?

Our games are free to use which differentiates us from board game cafes. We also don't have a board game guru ready to teach you games but will always be happy to suggest our favourites and teach you how to play them if we can afford the time.

We are way too small as a business to afford offering you a guru for free and refuse to charge you for what we think is a fundamental element of the Playground experience - the option of playing a game!