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Our coffees are like no other... Shots weighed to the gram, roasted by our own coffee specialist, and deliciously creamy, you won't be disappointed. Click the button below to learn more!

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Do you think normal cocktails are a bit boring? Us too! Using a range of carefully selected ingredients, our Tiki Cocktails will transport you to a tropical paradise. Discover our full range by clicking below

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If great coffee and exciting cocktails weren't enough, you can also unleash your  competitive side with over 150+ board games. We've got something for everyone, so take a closer look by clicking below.  

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About Us

Playground is a speciality independent coffee shop, craft beer and cocktail bar born from the collaboration of two people, tons of ideas and a cumulation of never ending hard work.

We serve a variety of speciality organic coffees, including espresso-based drinks, filter coffees served along side delicious home made cakes and sweet treats.

Alongside our selection of exquisite drinks, we also offer a range of 150+ board games, swing seats and terrible jokes from the staff.

We are a creative space for customers to socialise, collaborate and enjoy. Our focus is on providing the highest quality in everything offered.


WEDNESDAY_______________  12:00-23:00


Whether you're a speciality coffee fanatic, board game enthusiast or simply just love a good cocktail, Playground has just about everything you could want.

You don't need a booking to visit, but to ensure you get a table, you can make a reservation by clicking the button below.


If you fancy a bit more reading about our wonderfully weird little cafe, then scroll down and learn more about what makes us tick.

Our Coffee

At Playground, we are proud to be the exclusive partner of Cloud Fruit Coffee, a Bristol-based independent roaster aiming to change the way we consume coffee while of course providing an excellent cuppa.

What really sets them apart from other ethical coffee roasters is their honesty and dedication towards sustainability within the coffee industry. They’re aiming to bring a more transparent relationship between producers and roasters while also enlightening the journey of coffee from soil to cup, with the hope that more educated and informed consumers will make better choice now and going forward.

A few words from Cloud Fruit Coffee…

"The biggest barrier for coffee lovers to make a positive impact in the long-term is rooted in how disconnected we are from the whole story of our coffee. In today’s market, the portrayal of coffee can be limited and filtered in order to benefit those that have the most market power. Sadly, the people whose stories are often ignored or manipulated to a brand’s image are the farmers.

Producers spend a vast amount of time, care, and attention creating the wonder that we taste in our coffee cups. Our aim is to help consumers shift away from the mindset that coffee is just another supermarket commodity, and instead push them towards fully appreciating the years of hard work, passion and love that is invested into every cup of coffee.

Together, we; the farmers, exports, importers, logistics teams, roasters, brewers and coffee drinkers can all work towards a better future for everyone involved in the story of coffee by pushing for more transparency, communication and cohesion throughout the coffee community.

On the basis of these fundamentals, Cloud Fruit Coffee was born, providing a connection more tangible than ever to the story of this beautiful drink, from the drink itself right back to the fruit waiting to be picked from the forests within the clouds."


Whether it's a filter coffee, espresso coffee or any other coffee you can think of, we guarantee the highest level of precision, care and attention will go into every cup.

Drinks & Cocktails

In addition to our incredible coffees, we also serve a range of cold and alcoholic drinks to help you enjoy your weekends properly. We take enormous pride in using locally sourced ingredients in our cocktails as we love supporting and promoting local businesses. We also ensure that all our fruit garnishes and ingredients are fully organic and fair trade, supporting the amazing work that farmers do around the world.

We serve a fantastic range of craft beers and craft ciders, all in the Bristol and South-West region. We also have an enormous selection of spirits and liqueurs for those with a penchant for sipping drinks.

Alongside our standard cocktails, we have carefully crafted a fabulous array of Tiki Cocktails which will transport you to a tropical paradise. Naturally, most of our tiki cocktails are rum-based, but there really is something for everyone. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or like something a bit more sour, we’ve got your weekend cocktail cravings sorted.

For any sensible people or the unlucky person to draw the short straw for designated driver, soft drinks are readily available.

Board Games

If coffees and tiki cocktails weren’t enough, we are also a board game cafe! We currently have over 150 games dotted around in the shop, entirely free for you and your friends to enjoy over a drink so you can unleash your inner child and flaunt your competitive side. . The majority of our games fall under the below categories; party games, light strategy games, dice games, card games and deck building games that will take you anything from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours to enjoy.

For our more serious gamers we have a limited number of  deep strategy games for longer gaming sessions as well as some hidden gems that you can ask to play upon request. We believe that Playground is much more than your standard board game cafe and that is why even though we opened back in 2014, well before any other coffee shop/bar in Bristol introduced gaming as part of its offering, we never branded ourselves as a "gaming" place.

Our Current Favourites

Phase 10
Simple & straightforward card game for groups who want to play something easy going whilst chatting about life.

Settlers of Catan
Classic strategy game that can be played for 4 people in less than an hour or much longer if you prefer!

Pucket by ET Games
He didn't get funded on Dragons Den but whoever invested in the end must have done well because this is a truly excellent game. Screaming at your opponent is allowed.

Test how accurately your compadres can place historical events in relation to each other. Or more likely embarrass yourself at how many you get wrong...

Stack the FishLike Jenga but fish shaped. What could go wrong?


Our games are free to use which differentiates us from board game cafes. We also don't have a board game guru ready to teach you games but will always be happy to suggest our favourites and teach you how to play them if we can afford the time.

We are way too small as a business to afford offering you a guru for free and refuse to charge you for what we think is a fundamental element of the Playground experience - the option of playing a game!




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